Anila Khawaja & Cynthia Ritchie Kick Off Their New Year With A Twitter Spat

Anila Khawaja Cynthia Ritchie
Source: News Desk

Cynthia .D Ritchie, a freelance director, producer based in Islamabad, lashed out at former foreign media head of PTI, Anila Khawaja, for showing up at her new year party uninvited.

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Anila Khawaja tweeted her experience and without naming bashed “a foreigner” who she wrote, “broke with all our traditions of good grace & hospitality to behave exceptionally rudely with their fellow citizen.”

In response, Cynthia D. Ritchie fired off a subtweet claiming that “someone with no invite shows up w/2 females & when I quietly ask whose guest they are – they call me rude!”

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Soon, Cynthia lost it and pointed out how Anila was not invited to her party and “it’s rude to show up without an invite.”

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It was followed by a series of tweets where Cynthia argued and said, “don’t forget your status; & don’t feign graciousness & piousness.”

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She further added that “Anila is claiming on WhatsApp forums I “lied” about another guest not being invited” and alerted PTI that their “foreign media head is (again) causing problems.”

Anila also maintained her stance affirming that the co-host of the party “Sabeen” has apologised to her personally for the misbehavior of the “dubious foreigner.”