Afghan Taliban Delegation Comes To Pakistan On APS Attack Day: Pakistanis Outraged, Call It Disrespectful

Afghan Taliban Delegation

An Afghan Taliban Delegation headed by Abdullah Ghani Baradar will arrive here in Islamabad on 16th December today, on a three-day-trip.

The delegation will meet Prime Minister Imran Khan and Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi. Purpose of the visit is to discuss the peace process. The team will stay in Pakistan from 16-18 December.

“The visit of Taliban Political Commission delegation is part of Pakistan’s policy to reach out to key Afghan parties in the Afghan peace process with a view to facilitating the Intra-Afghan Negotiations, that commenced in Doha on 12 September 2020,” said the FO.

Baradar and his team last visited Pakistan in August to discuss the Afghan peace process.


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Pakistanis are fuming at the decision of Pakistan government to plan this process on the day of APS attack. They believe it is a disrespect to the martyrs.

Where the whole nation is still grieving the loss of innocent souls and knowing that this was an attack by the Talibans, their visit today has hurt the nation’s sentiments.

We will never forget

Citizens are distraught and questioning the ‘apathy’ behind this whole event

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Read between the lines

This hasn’t sit well with Pakistanis. And we can imagine why

To never forget the ones behind this barbaric attack

Today marks the sixth anniversary of the APS martyrs. On 16th December, 2014, terrorists martyred more than 130 young students of Army Public School, Peshawar. Whole nation and even the world was shook by this grave incident. Pakistanis haven’t moved on and neither will we ever move on.

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