A Troll Called Mahira Khan “2 Takay Ki” & She Had The Most Poised Response!

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Mahira Khan, like every Pakistani had her individual opinion on the Musharraf verdict. 👇

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But then as is the case on Twitter, people have little patience for opinions that differ from theirs.


And while it’s perfectly alright to disagree, this troll thought it was also within her rights to call Mahira Khan “2 takay ki.”


Yeah…that was our reaction too when we read 👇


But Mahira is a queen in her own right…


…So her poised response to the troll naturally made us stand up in our seats and clap for a whole minute!

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Very soon Shaan Shahid and Nadia Hussain also jumped in to support Mahira!

Yes, Mahira please tell us: why are you such a queen and how do you put up with such potty mouths?

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As for the troll whose Mahira Khan tweet backfired: she gets the best laugh who gets the last laugh, darling!


What do you have to say about the way Mahira Khan responded to the troll? Share your views in the comments below!