Gala Biscuit Is In A Hot Mess After Its New Ad But The Memes Are Hilarious

gala biscuit ad mehwish hayat
Source: ProPakistanni

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) banned the new Gala biscuit ad featuring Mehwish Hayat after uproar led by journalist Ansar Abbasi and PTI leader Ali Muhammad Khan on social media.

I mean right, the ad made no sense at all but the motivation behind PEMRA’s ban is quite absurd. If anything, it should have been banned for absence of creativity!

But we’re not here to dissect the politics of the ban. We’re here for the memes(!) that followed the great Gala Biscuit Ad Fiasco of 2020.

1. It’s still the same old biscuit guys! Up your quality game!

2. Hahahahaha! Good one!

3. That seems like a lot of work…

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4. The ad literally featured everything from fire breathing gymnasts to insanely enthusiastic dance moves. Wouldn’t have hurt anyone to add a shot or two of chai, no?

5. Des ka biscuit Gala hurting the sentiments of the desh ke wasi.

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6. This is actually very lame but funny.

7. Big relate friend, big relate!

8. Well at least everybody’s talking!

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