A Family Found Their Lost 350,000 Rupees In A Garbage Dump; Thanks To These Honest People

350,000 Garbage Dump
Source: Inam's Twitter

As it is the wedding season in Pakistan, a Karachi based family was also busy with wedding shenanigans at their house recently.


It was all bhangra and rasgullay until they found out an envelope containing Rs. 350,000 was missing from their home.


After the initial shock passed, the family matriach, like every sharp-minded desi mom realized that the envelope must’ve gotten thrown in the garbage.

However, after going through every bin their house, the family found nothing.

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The family then contacted the kid who collects their garbage, hoping that he might know the whereabouts of the garbage bags that had been disposed off earlier.

The kid took them to a location in Karachi’s famous Sohrab Goth where the city’s garbage gets dumped.

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Well, to no shock, the family was left hopeless after seeing the endless sea of garbage at the site.

They soon left Sohrab Goth with no hope of recovery even though their garbageman assured them that he would search his heart out.

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I mean I’ve never even found my lost pennies, so it made a lot of sense to give up the hope of locating Rs. 350,000 from a garbage dump!


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BUT as luck would have it, the honest garbageman returned to the family’s house in the afternoon and – yes you guessed it! – returned the envelope with all money intact!

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The family immediately offered the garbageman some money as a token of their gratitude, which he accepted only very reluctantly.

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What a rollercoaster ride it must’ve been for the family!


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