7 Ways In Which Ramazan Will Be Different This Year Because Of The Coronavirus Outbreak

Ramazan Iftar coronavirus
Source: Hip In Pakistan

We are in to the fifth week of the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With Ramazan just around the corner, it won’t be incorrect to assume that the coronavirus lockdown will lead us to experience the holy month very differently this year.

I counted and found at least 7 ways in which Ramazan will be different this year due to coronavirus lockdown.

1. Bogged down enthusiasm

Not many are willing to admit but the pandemic has caused us all some level of anxiety in the last few months.

Our blues might walk right into Ramazan with us hampering our traditional enthusiasm.

But then, Ramazan also has its way of uplifting our spirits each year and so it might work as the antidote we need to fight off the anxiety!


2. Mosques will be empty

The best thing about Ramzan is that it leads even the laziest among us to head to the mosque. But with social distancing protocols this year, it is unlikely that we’ll get a chance to frequent the masjids.

Please do ensure social distancing; Allah will still give you sawab for your neeyat to protect yourself and others from the pandemic.

3. Iftar will be simple

Most of us rely on traditional fried food for iftar like pakoray, samosa, kachori and jalebis.

It’s highly doubtful that food vendors will be allowed to set-up stalls this year and so iftars are likely to be very basic.


4. No Iftar parties

Who doesn’t like going to or throwing iftar parties? Well, sorry but that will not happen this year.

Even if someone is planning an iftar party, we would suggest you to skip the invitation and stay at home and stay safe!

5. People will have zero patience

Aggressive and impatient behavior on an empty stomach is very normal.

And now with the lockdown and coronavirus cases increasing by the day, it is fair to assume that people will have close to no patience!


6. The police will have a tough month

Not that it’s easy for the police right now, but the unfortunate scenes that we’re only witnessing on Fridays are likely to multiply during Ramazan when people insist on breaking social distancing protocols to gather for congregations.

If you’re not a law enforcer, thank your lucky stars!

7. Eid shopping

May be you haven’t thought that far but there will be no shopping or massive crowds in the markets in the weeks leading to Eid.

Even if the lockdown is lifted during Ramzan, we believe people will be very afraid to go into crowded bazaars.

How do you think the lockdown will affect your Ramzan? Share in comments!