7 Low Carb Foods To Indulge In If You’re Looking To Lose Some Holiday Weight

low carb foods
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What is the purpose of carbohydrates (carbs) in a human body? In a layman’s term, carbs give energy to the body. When a person eats, the body splits the carbs from the food, uses some immediately and stores some in muscles and liver to be used later. If the body doesn’t use the stored carbs then they turn into fat.

This is where the problem lies, if a person isn’t working out then to stay in shape, all they need to have is base their diet entirely on low carb foods.

Here is a list of 7 low carb foods that can help you accomplish your fitness plans!

1. Chicken Breast

Not every part of a chicken is low on carbs. While choosing chicken in a low carbs diet, only go for the chicken breast.

chicken breast
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2. Fish

Adding fish to your meals can help a great deal. It is highly nutritious and healthy and contains almost no carbs.

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3. Beef/Lamb

For meat lovers, beef and lamb are excellent choices of foods containing proteins, vitamins, iron, and they are close to zero on carbs.

beef lamb low carb foods
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4. Oil

It is very important to choose the right oil for cooking. Healthy and low cab oils include canola, olive and coconut oil.

Source: Heartfoundation

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5. Vegetables

There isn’t any healthier choice than leafy green vegetables. These vegetables include spinach, cauliflower, green beans, cucumbers, radishes, onions and eggplants, etc. They are the most nutritious when cooked half boiled.

green vegetables low carb foods
Source: Harvard Health

6. Fruits

A salad is always a healthy choice for lunch. Apple, strawberry and watermelon makes the perfect salad low in carbs and also helps to stay fresh in summer.

Source: Delicenatural

7. Dairy products

Countless people take dairy products daily and it’s good since they are low on carbs. Milk and yogurt are the best among dairy products however, they should be in their natural form without any sweeteners.

dairy products low carb foods
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Have some more low carb food suggestions to add? Share them in the comments below!