6 Ways In Which Self-Isolation Will Impact Our Mental Health

self isolation mental health
Source: Al-Jazeera

The coronavirus pandemic hit the news in December 2019 and has affected more than a million people till date. Fatalities, health and economic effects aside, the pandemic is also taking a massive toll on the mental health of people who are currently in self-isolation.

These are the 6 impacts that this whole self isolation can leave on our mental health!

1. Anxiety

The sudden change in the daily routines, the caged feeling or being unable to leave our homes even if we want to might take over. Knowing that going out is a major detox for many is already causing anxiety including people who are mentally very strong. The anxiety is said to get even worse when the self-isolation is over.

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2. Losing Social Skills

A human mind works in mysterious ways and it is likely that many people will experience a decline in their social skills during the lockdown period. They might adopt to avoid other people, going in crowds and continue to live their lives in social distancing for a while even after things have normalized.

3. Impatience and Intolerance

Another very important behavioral change would be people losing their tendency of being patient and tolerant. The self-isolation will make most of us aggressive, hence it is very important to stay as calm as possible.

4. Frustration

Losing social and physical interactions in self-isolation is already adding to massive frustration in many. While the eventual end to lockdown will bring a sigh of relief to many, there will be some who will face mental frustration with a change in routine once again.

5. Productivity

All those working from home during self-isolation have already faced a decline in productivity. It was difficult for many to adjust to the work from home environment and it will become even more difficult going back to the regular office environment.

6. Trust Issues

With countless pieces of misleading information floating on the internet since the coronavirus took over our lives, it is said that people will fail to believe information shared through social media or even given in-person.

How is self isolation affecting your mental health? Share in the comments below!