22 Times Pakistani Memes Took-Over Our Internet Feed In 2019


1. This 2019 round-up of Pakistani memes cannot begin without the angry cricket fan who was basically every one of us grandly upset with the team’s performance this year!

Pakistani memes | Angry Cricket fan

2. But he was not the only Pakistan cricket fan who went viral this year. There was of course the aik-dum-se-halat-badal-diye dude who had the entire nation in splits!

halat badal diye cricket fan
Source: Reddit

3. Pakistanis had a hard time getting over kaptaan Sarfraz Ahmed’s gigantic yawn in the middle of a World Cup match.

safraz Ahmed yawn

4. It seems a big chunk of part of Pakistani memes in 2019 were about coping with cricketing disappointments.

5. The cabinet reshuffle in April saw Fawad Chaudhry becoming the Minister for Science & Technology and Pakistani Twitter could not get over it for weeks!

6. Prime Minister Imran Khan’s pictures with US First lady Melania Trump kept the humour mills alive!

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And while Khan was busy wooing international leaders, Faisal Vawda was raising eye brows with his corny style statements all year!

7. Here’s Faisal Vawda painting the town yellow in his expensive Corvette…

…Then there was his infamous photo shoot at the LoC in Feburary when tensions with India were at an all time high!

8. But Pakistanis didn’t just have problem with PTI ministers and their outlandish fashion statements. Maryam Nawaz’s #FreeNawazSharif kurta became the butt of many joke as well!

9. Samina Peerzada’s unconventional talk show fed into insanely funny one-liners!

samia pirzada

10. Karachites made light of their misery by posting hilarious memes about the havoc that were the Monsoon rains in 2019.

11. Karachi rains remind us of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and his mind boggling, “Jab barish atta hai tou pani atta hai,” statement that had Pakistan face-palming!


12. The Royal Visit in October was a meme-maker’s goldmine!

prince william kate middleton Pakistan memes
Source: @AV7AWAIS on Twitter

royal visit Pakistani memes

13. Pakistan lost its calm real quick after Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar went viral for his misogynistic interview…


14. Anarkali memes quite literally ruled the Pakistani meme game for most part of the year!


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15. With so much going haywire otherwise, Mere Paas Tum Ho memes kept the Pakistani morale high during the last quarter of 2019.

16. Speaking of viral drama memes, Ehd-e-Wafa wasn’t very far behind.

17. O and by the way, PMA, we hear the tea at your crib is fantastic!

18. Yasir Hussain kissing Iqra Aziz after their very public engagement announcement invited a flood of memes by Pakistani jest-makers in 2019.


19. Hamza Ali Abbasi’s platonic-friendship-wedding-announcement with Naimal Khawar was no less controversial.


20. Mufti Kifayatullah claimed ‘Wiki’ From WikiLeaks and Jemima Goldsmith were cousins and it became very funny, very fast!

21. Of course, Sunny Deol himself was grandly memeified by Pakistanis after his appearance at the Kartarpur Corridor inauguration.

22. Digs on Mehwish Hayat’s Tamgha-e-Imtiaz remained alive all year…most weren’t very funny though…


Did we miss any viral Pakistani memes from 2019? Share them with us in the comments below!