15 Of The Funniest Memes That Came Out After The Capitol Hill Breach

Capitol Hill memes
Image Source: Buzzfeed

A mob of angry Trump supporters clashed with police as they stormed the Capitol hill on Wednesday after Congress assembled to confirm Joe Biden as the next president of the US. As images from the security breach flooded the internet, Netizens found the fodder for their memes.

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Twitter did not miss this chance to grill US for its interventionist policies and invading third-world countries while failing to curb the situation at their end.

How the police checked the mob at Capitol Hill.

Police at the Capitol Hill part 2.


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Netizens commenting on the standards of security check at the Capitol hill siege.

Someone’s doing their daddy proud.

That is what they do. Memes all day everyday!

Trump wants the US of A 😉

Netizens calling out US police on their lack of ability to perform their duty.

Meanwhile other countries.

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This one commenting on the ‘White privilege.’

How US media reported the siege.

Tweeps commenting on Trumps’ attitude after losing the election.

People comparing the Capitol Hill breach with Hollywood movies.

And how 2021 is off to a disappointing start.

Also how other countries are viewing the whole situation.

The netizens even compared the whole situation to a civil war as the #Civilwar2021 trended across twitter.

Meanwhile the whole world hooked to their phones, enjoying the tea!

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