13 Maria B Memes That’ll Make You Laugh In These Uncertain Times

maria b memes
Via Waqas Habeeb Rana's Twitter

Maria B has been in the news for the past couple of days for being highly irresponsible and while she has come out with a half-baked clarification, people aren’t buying it. Instead, Pakistanis are making hilarious memes to mock Maria B and her elitist sense of entitlement.

Here are 13 Maria B memes that’ll help you get through these uncertain times with a little laugh!

1. Okay, so we finally have a new reaction meme for the rest of the year!

2. Not just her designs, but seems like her reactions sound familiar too!

3. This PUN! 😂😂


4. Well, only if money could help us get rid of this pandemic! But nvm the crisis, at least it got Maria B’s love out of jail…

5. And you’re still here laughing at these memes? Tauba! Tauba!

6. Just FYI, there are infinite numbers between 89 and 90. 🤓

7. Can we please start a WhatsApp user course for desi moms?!

I mean it’ll keep them busy in these quarantine days.

8. Why didn’t she inbox it directly to the PM then..?!

9. This self-isolation has made people really funny, I tell you!

10. If you don’t get it.. the self-isolation has gotten to you, my friend!

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11. Only if you haven’t counted the bulbs in her chandelier already..


12. Oh..so this was the real problem behind all that drama!

13. Do we have a winner already?!