Friday, June 23, 2017
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Areebah Shahid
A doting mother. An apologetic idealist; knows world peace and absolute emancipation from human suffering are impossible to achieve but believes in miracles! :) HUGE movie buff!! Occasionally tweets @AreebahShahid

Chattha’s: A Delight for Desi Food Lovers

There was a time when some of my friends would embark on a four hour journey at the break of dawn to enjoy an...

An Open Letter to the Citizens of Pakistan and India

In view of the escalating hostilities in the region, the author writes an open letter to the citizens of Pakistan and India.
Dear  Citizens, No matter which side of the border you belong to, no matter what your faith, your ethnicity or your political affiliation might be,...

Why the Lahore Flash Mob Offended the Woman in Me

Lahore Flash Mob was a Disgrace to Feminism
Flash mobs are not a new concept with scores of companies across the globe using such performances to market their brands. The ritual is...

Pakistan’s Forgotten Non-Muslim War Heroes

Pakistan's Non-Muslim War Heroes
Most people identify historical events, not through the intricate details of how they unfolded but by the people who played a central role in those...

Ensuring Human Security in a Globalized World

Increasing global interconnectedness has created a crisis of human security that demands the formulation of strategies that transcend national boundaries.
On the 100th anniversary of the Nobel Prize, 100 Nobel laureates signed a public statement on human security pointing out: “It is time to turn...

Dance Kahani Comes with a Refreshing Concept

Dance Kahani, Pakistan's First Dance Themed Film
Dance Kahani, touted as Pakistan’s first dance themed film finally hit the theaters last weekend. On the outlook, the film has a fairly simple plot:...