If You Are the Youngest Sibling in The House, You Must Be Familiar With These 5 Major Disadvantages

Youngest sibling
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Being the youngest of all siblings comes with some set of privileges but concurrently, there are many struggles and disadvantages as well. Here are the 5 major disadvantages being the youngest sibling.

1. You Are the Unpaid Nokar of The House

This one is the most relatable. You have to abide by your elders demands; else they have the power to make your life hell. They can snatch television’s remote from you any time, blackmail you with your baby pictures, spill your secrets, or simply punch you…the list the endless.

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2. You’ll Forever Be Chotay/Choti

No matter how much you grow up (18, 38, or 88), you always remain a kid for your family members. To be taken seriously is a tough challenge. They can never fathom that you have grown up and can take care of yourself. Even though everyone was once a kid, you were the last baby to pop out, so it’s fresher in their mind.

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3. You Always Have Plenty of Used Clothes & Toys

You would never get to buy new clothes, shoes, toys and other belongings because there would always enough amount of sibling’s “used” stuff waiting for you. The toys that have been already toyed countless times, are now in your inheritance. Only youngest ones can feel the agony of using the stuff that belonged to their brothers and sisters.

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4.You’re Blamed for Every Trouble

It’s no use sporting that innocent look. When something vanishes, you’re on trial. Whether it’s a TV remote or a pen, when it goes missing, all eyes are on you. And parents always consider the younger ones careless and irresponsible.

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5. You are constantly picked on

Your siblings like to make fun of you, mostly because they can, and you are an easy target. Being the youngest, you have to learn to have thick skin and learn to make fun of yourself. The word ‘respect’ never exists in your sibling’s dictionary and you long for the day when they will treat you like a respected, mature member of the family.

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