Yasmin Khan — Friend Of The Victims Of Ontario Attack — Requests People To Not Share Pictures Of The Family Members

Ontario attack Muslim family
Image Source: CTV

Yasmin Khan, who is a close friend of the Muslim family that was targeted in a hate-motivated, Islamophobic attack in London, Ontario, has requested people to not share the victims’ pictures on social media.

Ontario attack Muslim family
Image Source: CBC

The pre-meditated act of terrorism has left four Muslim family members of Pakistani origin martyred, leaving behind a 9-year-old hospitalized with serious injuries.

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Khan, who had known the family for long has requested media and people of the internet to request the victims’ privacy in these grieving times.

She took to Instagram to post a heartfelt note for the family that lost members of three generations in a horrific act of Islamophobic violence.

Yasmin wrote about her relationship with all of them, and how much she adored and respected them. How Madiha and Salman (two of the victims) were such pure, forgiving souls.

She also spoke of the grandmother’s paintings, and how she loved her art. How Madiha and Salman’s daughter was always brimming, and the fun things they would do together.

Khan also prayed for the 9-year-old’s recovery.

My little brother, we are with you. You’re gonna grow to be strong. You’re going to make your parents proud, Yasmin wrote.

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She cannot come to terms with what happened to all of them, and the kind of barbarianism that terrorist depicted by running them over.

What happened was outrageous. It was out of hate. He drove onto them like they were animals. I mean that’s outrageous. We don’t even hurt animals like that. HOW CAN YOU DO THAT? she wrote

Lastly, she requested everyone to make dua for them, and not share their photos anywhere.

Make dua for them. If you see any pics of them being shared, ask them to delete it. This is the family’s request. Please respect it. JAK, she concluded.

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