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It’s Time To See If You Can Pass This Random Knowledge Quiz


Artwork created by sticking scraps of paper or fabric onto another surface is called...

Collage Art
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An appendix would be found at the _____ of a book.

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"Natation" is another word for...

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Fleas can survive in winter.

Flea Animated GIF
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Adult dogs have ______ teeth than adult humans

Cute Dog/ Puppy
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What is a baby goat called?

Baby Goat Kid
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Name the world's largest ocean.

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Where can you find the world's tallest mountain?

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What sport has been played on the moon?

Man on Moon
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What is the capital of Spain?

Barcelona City
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It’s Time To See If You Can Pass This Random Knowledge Quiz
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Spongebob Scared

Your score is so low that I had to take a long break but I don't want you to become disheartened. I hope you learned something from this knowledge quiz. All that matters is that you learn new things.
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What does this average score prove? It demonstrates that you are knowledgeable but not a nerd or a brainiac. That, to be honest, is the best of both worlds!
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Congratulations Minions Celebrating

I think that if scientists used brain-testing equipment to determine the size of your brain, you would break it. Your brain would be too hyper active to allow the poor machine to function!


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