Cyclone Tauktae: Heavy Gusts Of Wind Bring Down Parts Of UBL Building In Karachi & Viral!

UBL building Karachi
Image Source: Twitter

Cyclone Tauktae was expected to hit Karachi this week, but it changed its direction towards India and lost strength in the process.

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The cyclonic movements, however, generated strong gusts of wind, that hit different parts of Sindh and the metropolis, Karachi, on Tuesday.

The impact of those winds was huge. Plastic objects were seen flying in the air, the sky scenes changed from boring to dramatic, and then there were some rather serious incidents that took place as a result of those air motions.

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Assumedly, one of the most expensive structures in Karachi, i.e., the UBL building on I.I. Chundrigar road, bore the maximum brunt of the cyclonic winds. Parts of the structure were seen falling off in a video that is now viral on social media.

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People in the footage were seen waiting under the shade as they saw the construction come down.

Once the footage started making rounds on the internet, Pakistani social media users expressed dismay at the sight of the broken UBL building in Karachi.

Some of them even shared memories working at UBL, and how it hurts them to see it in a colossal mess.

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