Everything That You Need To Know About Cyclone Tauktae & If It Will Hit Karachi

Cyclone tauktae karachi
Image Source: Ary News

On Tuesday morning, Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) made an announcement that the Cyclone Tauktae that was expected to hit Karachi this week has weakened its strength.

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The met department informed that the cyclone changed its direction northwards to Gujarat in India. There it has intensified and so as of now, it is 580 km from Karachi. Which basically means that it no longer poses a threat to the port city.

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Nevertheless, the cyclonic movements have brought along with them thunderstorms accompanied by gusty winds and light rain in different parts of Sindh.

Because of this Cyclone Tauktae, the weather in Karachi is heating up and the night temperature reached an all-time high since 2015.

Since the city is sizzling at 43.5 degrees Celsius, Karachiites are forced to stay indoors and keep their outdoor activities to a minimum.

As the hot winds in the city continue to blow, the sea conditions will remain rough for fishermen, and they are advised to stay away from the coast till 19 May.

The authorities are also urging citizens to keep themselves hydrated and avoid going out between 12-3 pm. It is recommended for people of Karachi to wear loose-fitted clothing and shades while going out, so as to avoid the impact of the heatwave.

In a recent development, rain has different parts of Karachi after a terrible spell of heatwave.

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