Hilarious #WhatsAppheadquarters Memes Trend On Twitter As Privacy Concerns Storm The Internet


WhatsApp has been under fire after it revealed that it would change its privacy policy to share data with its parent company Facebook. The policy shift has created shock waves among users who have challenged the rationale behind data sharing and are urging others to install Signal and Telegram apps that have seen a sudden rise in demand.

WhatsApp is listening to everything you say!!!

Maybe that’s how Mark Zuckerberg became a billionaire.

It’s always, “WhatsApp” not “HowsApp”

Just go to WhatsApp’s HQ to look at all the deleted messages.

WhatsApp is with you at all times.

They are everywhere, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Oracle, EVERYWHERE!!!

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With the info people provide on WhatsApp, they can literally buy you. Aur Phir Tum Sirf Mark Zuckerberg Ke Hoge.

Pakistanis are just on another level.

WhatsApp Head Quarter feels for you.

And for all my lonely dudes out there, keep waiting, you will get that message soon.