We Know If You’re More Loved Or Hated Based On Your Random Preferences

loved or hated
Source: The Current

You know you wanna find out…

Which of the Khan sisters you'd like to hang out with for a day?

aiman khan pose for insta
minal khan rabi nand

Chai or Coffee?

tea coffee

How do you like your Maggi?


Pick your favorite Turkish drama:

Ertugrul Ghazi
mera sultan

Pick your favorite band

kashmir band
bayaan band

What's your favorite thing to do?

lazy person

What's your favorite season?

four seasons

What's your type of meat?

What's your favorite color?


We Know If You're More Loved Or Hated Based On Your Random Preferences
You are the popular person whom everybody wants to be friends with. You are the life of the party. You treat everyone royally even if you've just met the person. People feel quite comfortable around you!
You don't talk much and take your time to get friendly with strangers. And people end up thinking that you're rude and mean. You believe staying quiet will help people notice you but people use it against you and you end up being hurt.

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