This Woman Was Forced To Name Her Hotel “Behn G” Because Of The Harassment She Faced

behn g hotel
Source: Independent Urdu

Shaheena Bibi, a resident of Multan had to come out of her comfort zone as a housewife to start earning when her husband got bedridden due to a spinal cord injury. Shaheena gathered courage and thought to start selling the home cooked food to meet the needs of her household.

However, when she stepped out she was subjected to catcalling and harassment by the men who’d often give her blank cheques to meet her needs.

“People don’t fall for the looks, they just look at her as an object,” said Shaheena while talking to Independent Urdu.

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Fed up of this behaviour, one day an idea struck Shaheena Bibi and she changed the name of her hotel to “behn g” in an attempt to change the attitude of men towards her.

Ever since she changed the name of her hotel, people now treat her respectfully and now she is famous in the area by the name “behn g”.

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Shaheena started her hotel on a wheel barrow and now she has bought a rickshaw and sells homemade food outside Bahauddin Zakariya University. She wakes up at 12am to prepare all the food and leaves her house at 4:40am to set up the hotel.

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