Waqar Zaka Had A Controversial Interview With Reham Khan & This Is How It Went Down

waqar zaka reham khan
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We all know Waqar Zaka for creating controversies and he came really strong once again. During a live stream he interviewed Reham Khan, the ex-wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Waqar Zakar clearly warned children or the weak hearted people not to watch the interview because it contained sexual content.

For someone who has read Reham’s book; the warning then was pretty understandable!

What was the interview about?

Waqar conducted a lot of research, read Reham’s book and came to the conclusion that the book isn’t authentic and Reham is lying about the incidents mentioned in the book.

So, this interview was supposed to expose Reham and make her publicly apologize for publishing this book.

How did the interview go?

Some of the clips got a lot of attention from the audience. While both Waqar and Reham received a lot of criticism and hate during and after the interview, some really admired Waqar as they believed that he was making an effort to expose Reham.

Waqar also had some sections of the book in hand which he read during the interview and Reham got quite embarrassed. Waqar’s question to this reaction was very genuine “If you are feeling embarrassed now, maybe you should not have included private information in the book”.

The dialogue between Waqar Zaka and Reham Khan has sent social media users in a frenzy!

People are not happy with Reham at all!


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On the other hand, Waqar got a lot of praise for this interview.

Waqar Zakar while giving his closing statement demanded that Reham Khan must apologize for publishing her book because it is full of lies.

What’s your take on the interview between Waqar Zaka and Reham Khan? Share your thoughts in the comments!