17-Year-Old Mahnoor Sethi Provides Online Classes For Free To Help Students Everywhere

Mahnoor Sethi
Image Source: Hippocampus TF

Mahnoor Sethi, who is a student of A level, within her limited capacity, took it upon herself to improve the situation of education in our country, Pakistan.

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In 2020, when she was only seventeen, Sethi founded the Hippocampus Task Force. Looking at Pakistan’s stark education statistics, she knew she had to improve students’ condition here.

Mahnoor was extremely unsettled to learn that “75% of the children in Pakistan could not read a sentence by the age of 10.” That is when she started recruiting teenagers across the country to help millions of children learn concepts that are hard to grasp. And that is how Hippocampus Taskforce came into being.

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The non-profit organization conducts free-of-cost online classes for kids so they can learn things about the world and broaden their horizons. The task force collaborates with young teenagers to make learning engaging and fun. They also aim to understand the difficulties students face during their classes and help them overcome those struggles.

Mahnoor Sethi started this venture in June last year. One year later, she is completely overwhelmed by the positive response she got from her fellow educators.

Sethi now hopes to expand her venture across borders and continents to ensure that students everywhere have access to quality education.

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