Twitterati Are Bashing Shahbaz Taseer After Maheen Ghani Reveals The News Of Her Divorce

Shahbaz Taseer Maheen Ghani

Remember when Shahbaz Taseer was abducted by Talibaan while his wife, Maheen Ghani, waited for him five years with great fortitude.

Fast forward four years, Maheen shared a series of heartfelt tweets hinting that she has been cheated on!

She revealed how “this past decade has been a whirlwind” for her…

…and also revealed the news of her divorce.

While further elaborating she explained that how exhausted she feels after this decade and hence, she wished for “health, love and healing.”

She prayed that 2020 brings an end to “toxicity” of all kind.

Twitterati took no time to pour in their support and applauded Maheen Ghani for her loyalty.

According to, the reason behind their divorce is that Shahbaz Taseer was caught cheating on Maheen Ghani.

People were quick to name and shame Shahbaz Taseer for cheating on his wife after all the suffering she went through during his years of captivity.

People are sending their best wishes and praying that Maheen gets through this difficult time of her life and as a result becomes stronger than before.

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Twitterati also showed their respect and appreciation for Maheen and thus, it is evident that she remains to be an inspiration for many other women who were struggling through difficult times in their life.