This Really Random Knowledge Quiz Will Definitely Teach You Something

random knowledge quiz
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This random knowledge quiz will test you as well as teach you something!

Which continent is the largest?

Increasing global interconnectedness has created a crisis of human security that demands the formulation of strategies that transcend national boundaries.
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Which is not a preposition?

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Nephophobia is the fear of?

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How many teeth does the average adult human have?

human teeth
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What is the national game of Pakistan?

psl pakistan
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PIA was founded in?

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Which of these vegetables is botanically considered a fruit?

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What is the chemical symbol for potassium?

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What is the capital of Spain?

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Is Jupiter larger or smaller than the Earth?

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This Really Random Knowledge Quiz Will Definitely Teach You Something
It's pretty cool that you almost knew all of the answers already which means you have a lot of random knowledge stored in your brain!
Not Bad!
You did good! I mean who knows everything about all the things that exist in this world, right?
At least you learned something!
Oh, don't be sad! So what if you scored really low? At least you learned a lot of new things which might help you somewhere in the future!

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