This Is Why I Feel See Prime’s “Half Cooked,” Starring Humaima Malick & Mikaal Zulfiqar Is So Effortlessly Beautiful

See Prime Half cooked
Image source: YouTube

So, I happened to have a chance of watching the short film, Half Cooked by See Prime – Pakistan’s digital content creation platform, and I was quite impressed by everything in general.

It starred Mikaal Zulfiqar and Humaima Malick.

There was nothing extra or over the top about Half Cooked; it stayed simplistic, real and communicated a good message ever so subtly.

The plot centred around a couple, Ayat and Rehan, who attempted to transform their mundane routine into something interesting by playing a game of four questions.

So basically, it was Ayat’s idea to play this game where she dared her husband, Rehan to answer the questions, which she had written down for him on coloured papers. She asks Rehan to answer them, but he’s reluctant to do so because he’s afraid they might be too difficult to answer.

Ayat, however, continues with the game…

Now you must be wondering what’s so special about the plot. Well, I thought the same, but it’s the way that the story develops that makes it both brilliant and engaging.

The film shows two scenes running in parallel, one is from their past when they were newly married, and hopefully in love with one another. The second one shows the part where Ayat and Rehan play this game when both of them have considerably drifted apart from each other.

The thought of not having her husband around, and spending time with her has made Ayat melancholic and she keeps questioning his love for her. So each day, for four consecutive days, she asks him a question every day.

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With each question, she recollects the past and reflects on what she did differently that she doesn’t do anymore, which led to a void in their relationship.

As she contemplates and thinks about it hard enough, she figures it out by the end of day three.

On the fourth day, we see a completely different, happier version of Ayat, who looks way more sorted than her previous self.

Okay so, I’m not gonna give any spoilers here because maza khatam hojaye ga, but honestly, that ending was everything.

She basically figures out that she was asking the wrong questions this whole time. The last question was the most important question, and that I won’t tell you what it was. You will have to watch the film to find out.

Every frame of it was powerful and it was not the dialogues that made it enticing, it was the silence that made me want to fill in those gaps and figure out the true meaning of the short film.

The film doesn’t make big promises, it only teaches a lesson of finding joy in the little things; moving on and forgiving others to live a peaceful and content life. And isn’t that what we all truly want in life?

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