This Guy In The National Geographic T-Shirt Was The Highlight Of Aurat March Because Of His Delirious Comments

National Geographic Aurat March
Image source: Fahad Deshmukh's Twitter

Some random participant in the National Geographic t-shirt at the Aurat March was interviewed by a reporter at Urdu Point to learn about his reaction to the infamous slogan Mera Jism Meri Marzi (my body, my choice) and the march altogether. What followed afterward was rather hilarious…his hysterical comments on the Aurat March have garnered much attention and people are calling him out for not making sense — AT ALL!

Aurat March national geographic
Source: Humornama

When asked how he felt about it all, he commented that he’s not in favor of all of this as this doesn’t even happen in America. “In the USA, if you take your girlfriend to stay at a hotel, the hotel management will ask you if this is your girlfriend,” he said. “Even in the USA, there are strict orders against staying the night with your girlfriend, and you can’t even give her a peck in America,” the random dude in the National Geographic t-shirt at the Aurat March concluded.

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Pakistani Twitterati is, however, not ready to buy his rationale, and they are of the opinion that this guy has never been to America in his entire life to utter a thing like that. There are also those who are praising the woman in conversation who didn’t let him do the deed.

They are taking jabs at him left, right and center.

Singer and rapper Ali Gul Pir, who is notorious for comedic explorations of viral trends has also come up with his version of the interview, which has people rolling in fits.

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