These US vs PAK Memes Will Leave You in Splits!


Twitter has lately been flooded with the new US v PAK memes covering up many topics from food to politics and its everywhere!!!


So, here is the first US vs Pak meme!

See this person seems a little critical. He is like while the U.S is working on technology the Pakistani Awam is making their hilarious US v PAK MEMEs.

So now, according to this one here, while men in the U.S appreciate other women over their wives, here in Pakistan we appreciate Maulana Fazal Ur Rahman over our own wives!!

And here is how someone compared the beauty products of US & Pakistan and boy, does it not make sense!

Nown then! You look at this baby in US and everyone is like “Oh! He/she is cute.”

But that’s boring, isn’t it? So, in Pakistan we immediately ass trill and make things sound dangerous by saying, “Nazar Na Lag Jae”!

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So, while scientists and doctors are working non stop to produce a vaccine for COVID-19 in US; Pakistani scientists are still doing their part through the “JARI BOTI KI CHAI” wala formula!

Now this perhaps is where we are still ahead and hope that it remains that way forever!

Love your parents guys!