New Year New Me: Here Are 5 Habits You Can Work On This New Year!

5 habits 2021
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Happy New Year to you all! 2020 has officially come to a close, guys, can you believe it? Let’s just breathe in and breathe out, and take a moment to appreciate for making it out to 2021 safe and sound. And while you’re at it, read on to see what 5 habits you can work on in 2021.


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With new year comes new hopes and after all that 2020 has been, we cannot wait to start off this 2021 with a clean slate and some healthy habits to work on, so let’s get started.

1. Cut Down On Social Media

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Being in the middle of a pandemic, quarantining in our homes, we had ample amount of time on our hands to be on social media. And this is not a pretty good habit to carry forward in 2021. We all know the drastic consequences of being on social media: the guilt trips, unhealthy comparisons and what not. So why not limit our use of social media and do some much needed detoxification.

2. Take Out Time To Be In Nature

5 habits 2021
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You don’t have to be somewhere fancy. Just go sit in your balcony, or go to your rooftop, breathe in some fresh air. This will help you. Being out in the open has a calming effect on one’s mental and emotional wellbeing.

3. Sleep on time, and get sufficient sleep

5 habits 2021

Try keeping your phones away from you. Even I’m guilty of staying up in the wee hours of night because I was on my phone. But we’re all trying to cut down on the social media usage so hopefully we’ll sleep better too. And hopefully this year won’t be as anxiety inducing as the previous one.


4. Make Your Bed

5 habits 2021
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This may sound like a trivial task, but make a habit to do it regularly, everyday. And see how it transforms your life. The satisfaction of a clean bed is like nothing other, and has a calming effect too.


5. Do something that makes you happy

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It could be anything. Doing a dance party, playing an instrument, reading books or painting your heart out. Just do it and do it regularly. We’re so particular in doing everything that’s important but doesn’t make us happy; so why not take 5 minutes out of our chaotic lives to do something that gives us sheer joy. If having that cup of chai (tea) alone in a silent corner gives you joy, do it, you’ll thank yourself.


A very happy new year to you all, once again. Hope this list inspires you adopt at least one of these 5 habits in 2021.