Teenage Girls, Arshiya & Kamila Rescue Injured & Neglected Animals In Islamabad

Arshiya Kamila animals rescue
Image Source: Instagram

Arshiya Shirin Husain (17) and Kamila Aazeen Husain (18), two teenage girls have founded a student-run organization, The Pawprint Pakistan, which rescues and rehouses injured and abandoned animals in Islamabad.

The two founded this animal welfare organization in 2020 with which they have rehabilitated and relocated around 300 animals so far.

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Their mission includes rescuing animals that have been abandoned or found injured. They then organize fund-raisers to collect money for their medical treatment, shelter, and food.

After providing those neglected puppies and kitties the required care, they put them up for adoption, so that they eventually get a house to live in, too.

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Besides animal welfare work, Shirin and Aazeen use their social media platform to raise animal rights awareness in Pakistan.

We know how animal cruelty has been so rampant in Pakistan, and how in recent times so many cases of animal abuse came to light, where social media users took to their platforms to condemn such acts.

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These two young sisters are not only just raising their voices online, but also proactively taking steps to do something about it. They deserve all our praise for doing something so remarkable at such a young age.

A big thumbs up to the Husain sisters!


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