Two Days On, PM Imran Khan’s Interview With Hamza Ali Abbasi Is Still Trending Strong

hamza ali abbasi imran khan
Source: YouTube

Famed actor Hamza Ali Abbasi is on a break from showbiz, despite that, he interviewed Prime Minister Imran Khan for Hum News channel. Since Hamza Abbasi is not associated with Hum News in any capacity, the interview generated controversy on the internet. Considering Abbasi’s support for the ruling party, people on social media commented that the PM is mostly interviewed by those who are known to be his supporters.

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Many people appeared rather disappointed with the interview

During the interview, the Prime Minister exclaimed that he will ‘leave his seat’ if he has to, but he will not forgive corruption. While answering a question, Khan also said that he will not come under pressure from opposition’s meetings. He said that the government will not put any obstacles for them. The Premier also touched on the two biggest problems being faced by the country, namely fiscal debt and diminishing exports.

Several people appreciated Pyaray Afzal actor. Meanwhile, his name became one of the top trends on Twitter.

Some people also pointed out how Hamza was trying hard to be like Stephen Sackur

When asked about the many issues being faced by Karachi, the Premier said:

The situation with Karachi is very strange. Parties win votes from interior Sindh and come into power in the province. So they only focus their energies on the vote bank in interior Sindh and Karachi is left behind.

Responding to another question, PM Khan said,

the education system is being mainstreamed by introducing a uniform syllabus from next year.

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