Kashmiri Female Rapper, Mehak Ashraf Is Making Waves With Her Talent

Kashmiri Female Rapper
Image Source: DAWN

Mehak Ashraf, 19, the first Kashmiri female rapper is making rounds on the internet with her talent. Ashraf uses her rap to document the oppression against Kashmiris in India held Kashmir.

She says her generation feels alienated and isolated from the world. They do not have enough avenues to explore their talents and to reach a larger audience. Her rap is a depiction of the dismal situation in valley.

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I’m from Kashmir, they take us for fun I saw a big killer with a gun
Saw my friends body in a slum
I miss him, I need him, I love him, I’m sorry, I miss Tasleem
Glad his death wasn’t glorified on film
My valley smells like death alley
Death angel aiming at another individual
Darkness mess up any individual’s visual

Photo Courtesy Menime/Facebook

Known by her stage name Menime, is her idol Eminem’s name in reverse. Mehak told that she was introduced to Eminem’s music during the unrest in her country. When schools were shut down for months, she chanced upon his music and has since then taken inspiration from the rapper’s style, accent and way of expressing the dark realities of the society.

Hailing from the old city of Srinagar’s Hazratbal area, Menime’s music journey began in 2016 during the time of the political unrest in Srinagar following the killing of Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani.

Ashraf is special because she has made her way into a male dominated society, that still feeds on the notion of women staying indoors. they valley has produced some big names in the rap industry, but they are only men. So Mehak’s appearance holds a significant value.

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Unaffected by the batting eyes and opposition from several quarters, Menime is continuing her passion for music to keep voicing out her concerns against society’s injustices.

Kashmiri female rapper is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Arts from the Women’s College in Srinagar. Mehak gained attention when she released her first freelance video under the label ‘AHM Dexterity,’ a band she joined with two other male members.

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