Ali Tareen Thinks Aseefa Bhutto Is ‘Pretty Cool’ But The Internet Is Divided

Ali Tareen Aseefa Bhutto
Source: Geo/Deccan herald

Ali Khan Tareen Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) leader commented on Aseefa Bhutto Zardari, Pakistan Peoples Party leader’s political debut in Multan political rally. He said, “political differences aside, she’s pretty cool.”

Soon after his tweet, the internet went crazy with their remarks on Tareen’s two cents.

Twitterati were quick to laud the businessman for his opinions and even sided with him.

Netizens praising him for his gesture

To no one’s surprise it didn’t sit well with many users. Accusing him of feeding on nation’s money and corruption in Sugar Mills cases, they said it all.

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Not coming slow with tharki comments

Someone doesn’t approve of Ali Tareen’s taste

Social media users are so invested in the life of celebrities that they do not want to miss a moment to make a sensation out of nothing.

Some of them have already started linking up the two, and feel their ‘couple’ will look really good.

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Where many are linking them up some are busy commenting “abba nahi manein ge” and trust me when I say that it’s a laughter fest out there.

Twitter users believe Ali Tareen is overvaluing Aseefa Bhutto

This one looks a tad irritated

Jokes aside (pun intended), can we please agree to disagree that this was a ‘pretty cool’ gesture from Ali Tareen considering it was Aseefa’s political debut, and it doesn’t hurt to be a good person. Commending a political rival does not mean one’s onto changing parties.

Take it easy, y’all!

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