#SenateElection2021 – 5 Times Pakistani Politicians Chanted The Wrong Slogan & Were Left Red-Faced

politicians slip of tongue
Image Source: Samaa/Ary/Dailytimes/The News/

Pakistani politicians are known for their slip of the tongue, however, at times these moments could have possibly landed them in a buttload of trouble. Mispronouncing words or stating wrong facts is one thing, but berating your own party leaders or forgetting your own party name is next-level embarrassing.

Here we have compiled some of those instances for you.

1. PPP MPA Amjad Afridi Supports The Wrong Party

Ahead of the senate elections, political party members are forming new alliances to ensure their success in the elections. One such MPA, Javed Afridi, who has recently joined the Pakistan Peoples’ Party was addressing the general public, where he accidentally cheered for PTI.

2. Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan cheers for PPP

While addressing the media, Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan of PTI “accidentally” expressed that she hopes to see her party candidate, Ali Asjad Malhi win the senate elections to ensure the success of “PPP.”


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3. PML-N leader Afzal Khokhar’s slip of tongue

While addressing his party’s social media convention, Afzal Khokhar tried to hype up the audience by chanting the wrong slogan. The PML-N leader excitedly chanted “Go Nawaz Go”- a slogan commonly used by the party members in the opposition.


4. Marriyum Aurangzeb Calls Nawaz Sharif “Nalaiq,” “Na-ehal”

The PML-N spokesperson experienced a rather embarrassing moment where she mistakenly berated her own party’s leader, Nawaz Sharif. Prior to that, she also once chanted “Go Nawaz Go” outside Punjab Assembly.

5. Manzoor Wassan Calls Zardari “Chor”

This one-time PPP leader Manzoor Wassan by accident called former President Asif Ali Zardari, and his party’s then-leader, a “chor.

Do you remember any more moments where Pakistani politicians had a slip of tongue? Share in the comments.