Memes Galore After Shafqat Mahmood Announces Reopening Of Schools From March 1

Shafqat Mahmood March 1
Source: Twitter/ The Daily Ausaf Pakistan News

Pakistani students flooded the internet with memes after Federal Minister for Education, Shafqat Mahmood announced the reopening of schools from March 1.

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Mr. Mahmood made an important announcement on Thursday saying, “All schools will go back to regular 5-day classes from Monday, March 1. Restrictions imposed in some major cities on schools to conduct staggered classes was only till Feb 28.”

The minister also said that the announcement will be applied to all the educational institutions.

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And well, as expected, the students have responded with memes — lots and lots of them, as they are pretty heartbroken at the announcement.

Kids were happily enjoying PSL from the comfort of their homes and now that all of a sudden this announcement has been dropped over their heads, they were meant to be distressed.

Lol, look at them emotional blackmailing the education minister.

As Shafqat Mahmood announced the resumption of 5-day classes from March 1, students went like:

Now that the students have to officially go back to school…

The crying session continues…

Well, some of them are still choosing to ignore the announcement.

Their parents are probably the happiest right now!

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