Believe It Or Not, Sana From Faisalabad Is The First Woman In Pakistan To Have Her Own Mobile Repair Shop

Sana Faisalabad mobile repair
Image Source: siasat pk

When it comes to breaking stereotypes, Pakistani women like to stay on top of their game. Whether it’s sports, labor-intensive fields, or tech industries, they are there to prove their mettle. One such woman to newly enter this line is Sana from Faisalabad, who is the first Pakistani woman to own a mobile repair shop.

She is a 20-year-old ambitious girl, who trained for three months to excel in this field. The young girl was trained under the Association for Women’s Awareness and Rural Development (AWARD) Pakistan, which after the training, financially supported her as well.

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Currently, she is pursuing this field to earn a salary that pays her bills and tuition fee as she aspires to continue her education on her own.

Sana is an empowered woman who believes in fending for herself and that is why she is solely running her mobile repair shop in Faisalabad with much bravado.

sana faisalabad mobile repairing shop
Image Source: SAMAA

The 20-year-old is so confident of her skills that she says she can fix any device that comes her way, most of which are damaged by water. Her clientele mostly consists of women, who feel safe to be around her.

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Speaking with a publication, the young girl said, ” I am getting work from big labs as well, for repairing. Many customers visit my shop, and most of them are women. I wish to have my own big mobile store one day.”

female mobile repair shop
Image Source: Siasat

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