Unidentified Mr. & Mrs. Sohaib Damage Khunjerab Pass & Now People Want Them To Come Back & Clean Up Their Mess

mr. and mrs. sohaib
Image Source: Twitter

Recently, social media users spotted graffiti in Khunjerab Pass that fell more under vandalism than art, and it irked many of them. They posted pictures of the deed and vehemently criticized the act.

The image showed a text that read “Mr. and Mrs. Sohaib were here,” written on a separator wall, on the way to Khunjerab pass. It was written with white spray paint, which looked extremely off-putting in a beautiful, natural setting.

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Pakistani netizens did not like the act at all, and they took to Twitter to call out the couple in conversation, asking them to come back and clean up their mess.

Some of them even pointed out that people like Mr. and Mrs. Sohaib are the reason Pakistan is losing its natural beauty. It’s people like them who ruin what is left of the picturesque landscapes of the homeland, they added.

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There were also those who requested them to never visit again as they lacked the basic manners to be in a public setting

Whereas many others pointed out that it was an attention-seeking attempt, but one that must be called out, so others may learn from it.

Meanwhile, some of the users took it up a notch, and asked the authorities to penalize this (unidentified) couple for damaging the beauty of Pakistan.

Now, dozens of them are on a mission to trace them down, make them apologize for what they did, and to ensure that the couple promises to never repeat such a mistake again.

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