Rate These Junk Foods & We’ll Predict Your Age With 90% Accuracy

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Rate these desi junk food items with 1 being yuck and 5 being yum and we’ll guess your age.



Top Pops

Top Pops

ABC Jelly

ABC Jelly




lays salted

Flaming Hot Cheetos

cheetos crunchy

Magic Pop

Magic Pop





Gol Gappay

gol gappay


saltish biscuits

Shezan Mango Juice

shezan mango juice



GOGO Pan Masala

gogo pan masala

Novita Wafers

novita wafers

Rate These Junk Foods & We’ll Predict Your Age With 90% Accuracy
11-15 years

11 to 15

Just give you any kind of junk food and you'll be over the moon. You love eating junk food as breakfast, lunch, dinner and at any time when you feel hungry because why not?
16-24 years old

16 to 24

You just can't function without munching on your favorite junk food every hour. You're the kind of person who has a special secret place to store your snacks.
25-29 years old

You just can't stop yourself from munching your favs every now and then, but you're old enough to know that too much of a yum thing isn't actually healthy. You're learning to balance it out.
You're in your 30s!

It's hard for you to grasp the fact that you're not young anymore but you do your best to make healthy eating choices to stay fit.
You're in your 40s

You just miss the snacks from your childhood and don't find the delight in the snacks available in the market these days.
You're 50+

You're the person who believes that junk food is trash and made out of plastic.

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