Quiz: We’ll Guess Your Age Based On The Meals You Pick!

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At the end of this quiz, we’ll guess your age based on the meals you pick!

Pick your breakfast!

english breakfast
Pakistani Foods That Are Pure Cancer
jam toast

Pick a beverage to go with your breakfast.

Make A Milkshake| Milkshake
Consume Natural Energy Drinks.
green tea

What do you want to have for lunch?

saag makai food
Burning Brownie combo salad
Daal Chawal at Khoka Khola

Pick a snack for the evening.

Dahi Baray
Healthy Snacks to Keep You Awake at Work
Alu Samosa

What are you having for dinner?

3 Islamabad Food Joints With Menus That Are Both Healthy & Delicious
Jessie's Burger
Seekh kabab / kebab
Red Curry with Rice
Desi food
Chicken Supreme at American Steak House

Pick a beverage to go with your dinner.

beverages juices
Drink Ice Cold Water
Consume Natural Energy Drinks.

Finally, what's for dessert?

Dessert Places in Islamabad
Gulab Jamun from Punjabian Dhaba
Shakespeare's Lounge Islamabad
Pakistan during Winter

Pick Your Meals & We'll Reveal Your Age
7 - 10 Years

7 to 10

You're likely a picky eater but have no concept of healthy eating!
11 - 15 Years

11 to 15

You're just beginning to get the hang of what variety really means! Keep experimenting with what you eat. There's a lot that you still haven't tasted!
16 - 24 Years

16 to 24

You've tasted a fair amount of cuisines but still have a long way to go before you can call yourself an experienced foodie! Surprise yourself and try tasting something new every now and then!
25 - 29 Years

You're finally at a point in your life where you're earning enough to afford fine dining - at least once in a while. So, skip that ghar ka khana and go for some Japanese food instead! You'll be surprised at how much there's still to explore!
You're in your 30s

You're still a little hung-over from your 20s but beta, you're not young anymore. This means no more beef for dinner and no more soda every night! Eat healthy now so you don't regret your choices at 40.
You're in your 40s

You're set in your ways. If you haven't developed a taste for exotic cuisines till now, chances are you never will. And that's okay. Just remember to eat healthy and add some mild exercise to your routine.
You're 50+

You probably crave greater variety in your diet but you worry adventurous food choices might not go down well with your digestive system anymore. Be responsible, but allow your afternoon meals to be a little less conventional to keep the spice alive!

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