Ramiz Raja Doesn’t Want Pakistan To Rely Too Much On The ICC Funding

Ramiz Raja ICC
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Ramiz Raja today reached out to Pakistan’s business community and has asked for support while explaining that the country can’t afford to rely too much on the ICC funding.

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Ramiz Raja Not In Favor Of Relying On The ICC Funding

Ramiz Raja ICC
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Ramiz while addressing Pakistan’s business community at the Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi said, “Our cricket is relying on ICC’s funding right now and when I see the books, I get very scared because the contribution of local entrepreneurs is minimal. Whenever ICC is in a mood to give us Rs10 instead of Rs100, say, due to the Covid, then our situation will worsen from a financial point of view. Then we won’t be able to invest in the nurseries, the cricketers won’t get paid enough. So its important that we and you are on the same page, its about the national spirit. The pie of our cricket from the financial point of view is just 5% percent as compared to our neighboring countries where interest is massive and due to investments there teams have surpassed us.”

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Explains His Learning From The New Zealand And England Pull-out

How A New Zealand Victory Can Help Pakistan In Winning The World Cup
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Sharing what he was able to learn from the New Zealand and England pull-out Ramiz said, “What I realized after New Zealand and England’s pull-out is that there are two ways such countries can be stopped from taking such a step again. If your team is the world’s best, no one will have the audacity to use you and throw you in the bin. (And) if your cricket economy is strong then their interest will remain. The Pakistan Super League does help us with that, but on an individual level, but to sustain it at a collective level, its very important that we have money, our team is the best in the world and our cricket grounds are better. If Pakistan wants to produce great talent, it can’t happen until we resolve our issues. Money is needed everywhere, we’ll provide the direction and the business community will pump in its resources. Business community has stayed confused on how they can get involved and avail the opportunities. We’ll tell you about them, we’ll tell you about our properties. We also want to take direction from you on how a sporting organization can rise to match the likes of the establishments. I’d like to see you inject into our cricket economy. If you ask for help we will help and we are open to listen to you as well. At the end, it needs to be a collective effort.”