Quarantined Zaireen Are Asking For Charas & Sharab From The Administration

quarantined zaireen charas 2

In a funny turn of events the administration at one of the local quarantine centers set-up for the zaireen (pilgrims) from Iran suspected of having COVID-19 was met with a few rather unexpected demands.

In a video that has now gone viral, an official is seen inquiring about the situation inside the quarantine center.

The two staff members briefing the official in the video immediately launched into a series of complains. “They keep making demands. Get us this, get us that, get us charas (mariuana), get us sharab (alcohol).”

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Apparently, there are many drivers among the quarantined zaireen and according to the center staff, the demand for charas is coming the loudest from them.

“We can get them cigarettes but we can’t get them charas,” responded the official.

But in the absence of cigarettes, charas and sharab the quarantined zaireen have quickly become difficult for the center’s team to manage.

quarantined zaireen charas 1

“When we say no, they become rowdy.”

“The driver gathered all the boys and broke all the locks in our rooms.”

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The official seemed to have less than a few words of comfort for the rattled workers at the center.

quarantined Zaireen charas

“These things are a routine,” he replied, “We’ll look into what can be done about the rowdy driver.”

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While the officials seem positively perplexed, netizens are dearly amused with the quarantined zaireen demanding charas.

Here’s the video for you to see for yourself.


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