In A Country Where A Couple Gets Expelled For PDA, Punjab College Students Go Unpunished For Harassment

Punjab college students harassment
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A student from Punjab College for Women in Gujranwala has spoken up against the incessant harassment that the female students have to face on a regular basis, at the hands of male college students.

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A blog on Instagram reported her story, where the girl has requested others to report the issue, so the perpetrators can be punished.

As reported, the video was sent in to the blog by one of the students of Punjab college. In the video, scores of male students of the same college can be seen doing ghundagardi.

Punjab college
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They huddled outside the women’s college campus, a day before institutions closed for on-campus activities, to terrorize students. This is something that girls of this college have to allegedly face every day.

She alleged that this is a normal routine outside their college campuses. But, this time around, their abominable behavior got way out of hands.

They harassed the female students by trying to break the windows and climbed the roofs. Some of them brought guns and did Aerial firing (ہوای فاٸرنگ). They put the lives of both students and civilians in danger.

Incidents like these coming on the surface is nothing new as 93% of women in Pakistan face sexual violence in their lifetime. Nevertheless, seeing young girls taking steps to speak against the harassment is brave.

violence against women
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What’s more important at this time is to get those perpetrators punished. There needs to be a system in place that makes sure nothing like this happens again with any students, anywhere in Pakistan. Academic institutions are supposed to be safe havens for students, not a place for hellish activities.

Moreover, in a country where public display of affection sets our society’s ghairat brigade on fire, why does it go silent during incidences of harassment and abuse? Why does it not call out this masochistic behavior as easily as it lambasts people in love?

UOL couple
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What do you think should be the course of action for Punjab college students after this incident of harassment? Let us know in the comments.