Amid Reports Of Jail Sentence, Meesha Shafi Tweets Her Ordeal Of Dealing With Propaganda

Meesha Shafi propaganda
Image Source: VoicePk

Indian media is notorious for practicing bad journalism and spreading propaganda against Pakistan because they fail to fact-check every damn time. As a result of their journalists’ lack of ability to do their work right, someone falls prey to their misdeeds every now and then. So, this time around it is Meesha Shafi, who is battling the propaganda that was stirred up by Indian news agencies.

Meesha Shafi propaganda
Image Source: Samaa

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A few days ago, some Indian publications claimed that Pakistani pop singer, Meesha Shafi who has been battling a sexual harassment case against Popstar, Ali Zafar in Pakistan’s courts, for quite some time, has been given a three-year jail sentence. Meesha Shafi, however, refuted the propaganda and called the agencies out for spreading fake news against her.

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After the false information went haywire, Shafi took to the microblogging site, Twitter, to explain in a series of tweets what she does on the many days when propaganda against her runs rife.

The Balori singer shared details of how coffee (which she had quit altogether), her family, and meditation come to her rescue on days the (Meesha Shafi-Ali Zafar) ordeal is too much to handle.

She thanked them all one by one for being there for her in the darkest of times.

The 39-year-old expressed how in the midst of all the controversy and online abuse; being strong for her children has helped her come out of the “dark recesses of suicidal depression.”

She furthered how getting to cook for her children, spending time with them outdoors, and playing dodgeball proves to be a sense of comfort when the world’s closing in on her.

Meesha’s lawyer, Asad Jamal also slammed the Indian news outlets for spreading rumors about her case. He tweeted that claims of the verdict being out on her case are completely wrong. Jamal further wrote that Shafi hasn’t been sentenced to imprisonment.

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