Protesters Demand Justice; Set Bahria Town Karachi On Fire Over Illegal Occupation Of Land

Bahria town karachi protest
Image Source: Samaa

On Sunday, protests erupted outside Bahria town in Karachi. Hundreds of people gathered around the residential area to demand justice for illegal occupation of their lands.

The activists are pleading to get their lands back which were forcefully taken away from them. The real estate giant brought bulldozers and heavy machinery to level the indigenous land to build luxury apartments and golf courses over them.

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Several indigenous communities – the owners of those lands had gathered around Bahria town to peacefully protest against the injustice. They were raising their voices against the oppression. Some of them even pelted stones at the construction workers, as a result of which the workers fired bullets at them, the Guardian reported.

The protests soon got violent when the demonstrators got injured during the clashes and were rushed to police stations instead of hospitals. In the midst of all of this, the protesters got furious and they set vehicles, two eateries and several shops on fire.

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The protests are being staged by villagers in the nearby areas of Bahria town in Karachi, who claim they’re being forced to give up their land. Management of the residential area is bulldozing their lands for extra construction. Villagers have even had to give up their farming area, which was their source of income.

Malik Riaz Hussain, owner of the residential giant denied all accusations in a tweet, and welcomed everyone to do free investigation.

Bahria Town has not occupied any land illegally. By law, if someone proves that even there’s an inch of land which doesn’t belong to Bahria Town, we are ready to take complete responsibility of it. Bahria Town has always welcomed free investigation and will continue to do so, he said.

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