Nobody Can Ace This Quiz Except The True Nerdy Bookworms

Knowledge Quiz
Source: ZDNet, Forbes & ProPakistani

I don’t think you will be able to pass this difficult random knowledge quiz, you can only pass this quiz if you are a true nerdy bookworm.

Animals that eat both plants and meat are called...?

Bear Britannica
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What is the capital of Uganda?

Ugandan Flag Country Flags
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Which of the following is not a primary color?

Colorful Patterns Random Word Generator
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What is the first letter on a typewriter?

Random Images
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How many hearts does an octopus have?

Octopus Scientific American
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What does the Roman numeral D stand for?

Roman Numerals Wallpaperflare
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Which of the following instruments can you play without touching it?

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Which South American country has the capital city of Quito?

South America Dairy Reporter
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Entomology is the science that studies...

Atom Live Science
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Which is the smallest ocean in the world?

Ocean The Conversation
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Nobody Can Ace This Quiz Except The True Nerdy Bookworms
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You're a walking encyclopedia, and you're obsessed with knowledge. Although you may lack social skills, your intelligence makes up for it.

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