Private Videos & Photos Of Rabi Pirzada Have Been Leaked Online & It’s NOT Okay!

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In the wee hours of Friday morning, at least two videos and a few photographs of singer, Rabi Pirzada were leaked online. The videos that were most likely private, featured the starlet and contained sexually explicit content and nudity.

While a section of the Pakistani internet was quick to condemn the leaked videos, it is unfortunate that another segment has been gleefully passing them on and encouraging others to view them.

True, that Rabi Pirzada has been controversy’s favourite child for as long as one can recall her name. And while it is perfectly alright to disagree with her political and ideological views, it is certainly not alright to settle a score with her through revenge porn.

By every standard, constitutional, ethical or religious, what an individual does in his/her private life deserves precisely that: privacy. However, this practice of “leaking” private visuals for public viewing seems to have become the go-to solution to settle virtually every dispute under the sky.

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Of course, we have also seen instances in which leaked videos have helped identify child molesters and exhibitionists but each piece of private content needs to be evaluated on its merit and before a private piece of content is passed on, one must question what purpose it will truly serve.

Will it bring down a sexual predator or will it facilitate one? Will it serve an important national cause or simply offer free porn? Will it serve any purpose at all except humiliating an individual?

This is just a very basic list of questions from the top of my head right now. If thought through more carefully, I’m sure many – more important – questions would beg an answer.

In the case of Rabi Pirzada – or any other individual in her position – the strongest forms of condemnation, including legal action, ought to be reserved for those who initiate such heinous uploads. However, those who make light of them and/or who readily pass them on to others cannot be absolved of all responsibility either.

You know there is something terribly wrong with a society when people feel no sense of responsibility, shame or remorse in spreading nude visuals of another person with the sole intention of humiliating and belittling her/him.

Consent forms the cornerstone of sexuality. And so, in the absence of explicit consent, the leaked videos in the case of Rabi Pirzada can only be termed a “crime.”

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