PM Imran Khan Inaugurates Land Digitization To Ensure Transparency In Matters Of Property

PM Imran land digitization
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Prime Minister Imran Khan launched cadastral mapping and land record digitization of Islamabad & evacuee trust properties board at the PM House on Wednesday. He explained that it was in an effort to eliminate land tampering, land grabbing, encroachment on state land across the country and to ensure transparency at all levels in matters of land and property.

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While addressing the ceremony, PM Khan shared that there will be an online portal where all the land and property data will be recorded, which could be accessed by Pakistanis and those living abroad.

PM Imran said during the event that land digitization is a two-phase project. In the first phase, the digitization of lands and cadastral mapping will be completed in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi by November this year. The second phase will then cover the rural lands.

This project will make transfers, buying, and selling of properties much easier, the PM said at the ceremony. He even shared that the digitization process has earned CDA a profit of 300 to 400 billion rupees.

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Pointing towards the complexities of the previous land record system, the Prime Minister stated that ordinary people had experienced significant difficulties while their lands were seized by powerful groups who had little regard for the rule of law. The Prime Minister then praised the Capital Development Authority (CDA), Pakistan Survey General, and other ministries for finishing the assignment in a timely manner.

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