Pakistanis Make-Up Epic Scenarios As Someone On The Internet Found The Lookalike of Professor From Money Heist

professor money heist Pakistan
Image Source: Geo

Ooh, this world, especially Pakistan is literally a landmine of lookalikes and the netizens are busy spotting them out – I kid you not! Just recently, someone on the internet found a doppelganger of Professor from Money Heist, a lead character from the dearly loved TV series in Pakistan.

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This unidentified man was seen running a grocery store, busy doing calculations at someplace (unknown so far) when a netizen spotted him and was quick to put it up on the internet for others to see.

As soon as the picture was up, netizens did not waste a second to come up with some epic scenarios that seemed fitting for the situation at hand. they got really creative doing the deed.

Let’s have a look at some of the best ones!

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One of the users threw in a cheeky line from the series in response to the tweet!

Ahahaha, this one is just brilliant. Super creative how this user blended the show with grocery business to come up with a one-liner.

Ooh, looks like Professor is discovering new ventures.


Ah, the undying love for this show and Pakistanis fascination with finding Professor’s lookalike in the country is on another level.

One of the users pointed out that this was just the Professor’s way of keeping himself busy when he was free between the filming of seasons 4 and 5.

Money Heist is loved by millions in Pakistan and finding the doppelganger of the Professor is like a cherry on top for them. They had to get this creative.