PM Imran Khan Gives An Emotionally Charged Speech About A Corruption Free Pakistan, But The Nation Sounds Divided

Imran Khan speech
Source: YouTube

Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the nation on Thursday at 7:30 pm, after PTI’s candidate Abdul Hafeez Shaikh lost to PPP’s Yousuf Raza Gilani in the Senate Election 2021. He took the nation into confidence to aware them of the uncertainties surrounding the political situation, and to tell them about his decision to seek a vote of confidence from the Parliament.

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In his speech, Imran Khan told the nation how there’s been a decades-long practice of buying and selling votes in the senate’s election in Pakistan. He also added how the Election Commission of Pakistan failed to hold a fair and transparent election even this time around. Even though Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf grabbed the largest share in the election, PMIK expressed that he’s willing to take this decision to determine the parliamentarians’ confidence in him. He furthered that if they feel I’m incompetent, then I’m willing to sit in the opposition.

Mr. Khan openly lambasted the opposition for buying votes in the Senate election; and expressed that he prefers sitting in the opposition than giving NRO to the “corrupt leaders” of the Pakistan Democratic Movement.

Premier Khan touched upon various topics in his address to the nation, but the majority of it revolved around how he has, is, and will always make efforts to eradicate the corrupt practices in the country. He also stressed that the responsibility of this falls on the entire nation and not him only.

The speech of Imran Khan, however, received some majorly mixed reviews and the awaam felt divided on his decision to seek a vote of confidence.

Some Pakistanis felt this was a rather bold move from the PM, one that hasn’t been taken before in the history of Pakistan. They were also really supportive of him, saying he will definitely get the vote of confidence.

However, some aam aadmis were just completely done with the inflation and the rising disparities between the social classes in Pakistan. They were of the opinion that this vote of confidence does not help them unless they are provided relief in some form.

Then there were also some who backed Premier in his efforts to make Pakistan a corruption-free country.

Then there were also those who disagreed, explaining that the ruling government isn’t as transparent as it claims to be.