PlayStation 5 Or Xbox Series X, Which Console Should You Buy This New Year


PlayStation or Xbox, buying a console is no longer a purchase-it’s an investment, with both consoles costing more than 500 USD causing the gamers to buy one or the other. We will be guiding you through the Pros and Cons of both the consoles and in the end, it’s in your hands to pick which console do you prefer.

Let’s start with the PlayStation 5;

Source: Pocket-lint


Source: Pocket-lint

By beast in size we actually mean a BEAST, this year Sony decided to go all out on the aesthetic of the console. Where previously consoles were supposed to be a rectangular box, the next-gen consoles don’t seem to be that way anymore with the console being way taller than any other PlayStation console. With size, the PlayStation 5 brings speed, with the console being 3 times faster than every console that ever existed before it.


Source: Escapist Magazine

The new user interface is clean and very easy to navigate through. Switching between games is an absolute pleasure, you no longer need to close the previous game to launch the next. You can simply jump between them and the game resumes where you left off. 


Source: Cnet

The new Dual-Sense controller is just out of this world, it is way ahead of its time. With the new Haptic Feedback feature, games feel like real life with controllers reacting differently with every environment. If you’re swimming in a video game you’ll feel the tension that water creates when you swim in real life.

PlayStation’s Exclusive Games

Source: Gamespot

Last but certainly not least, exclusive titles. PlayStation fans all around the world have one thing to defend their console and that is that PlayStation has better exclusive titles and that is a fact with games like God of War, Last of Us, and Marvel’s Spider-Man.

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Now lets talk about the new Xbox Series X;

Source: Xbox Wire

More Teraflops, Better Graphics

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The Xbox Series X has a whopping 12 teraflops while its rival PlayStation 5 has around 10 meaning that 1.72 remaining teraflops could end up featuring better graphics. The more flops mean the more frames per second and higher resolutions a GPU can provide.

More Built-in Storage

Source: Xbox Wire

Microsoft decided to prioritize size over speed giving the Xbox Series X a 1TB SSD while their rival PlayStation prioritized speed at the loss of storage having only 825 GB on their SSD

Upgrading your storage is as easy as plugging a card into a slot

Source: Xbox

The Xbox Series X has a huge advantage over PlayStation 5 here giving their customers the option to expand their storage by purchasing their custom 1TB expansion cards that plug into the Series X while for PlayStation 5 you have to pop open the side panel to upgrade your storage.

More Backwards Compatibility

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The Xbox Series X has a backwards compatibility of titles aging way back to the first-ever Xbox giving the Series X a much larger Game Library than the PlayStation. You can play games like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City with the new Xbox Series X to relive those beautiful childhood memories.

Let us know what you will be buying this New Year in the comments section below;