Pick Your Favorite Inventions And We’ll Reveal The Generation You Should Time Travel To

Time Travel Quiz
Source: Pinterest, History & County EM

Pick some of your favorite inventions and we’ll give you a generation to time travel to and explore. Take this quiz to find out now.

Pick an invention.

Classic Vacuum Cleaner
Floppy Disk
Google Assistant

Pick an invention.

First Electrocardiogram
Disposable Lighter
Space X Reusable Rocket

Pick an invention.

Laser Printing

Pick an invention.

Windscreen Wipers
Space Shuttle

Pick an invention.

Air Conditioner
Macintosh Computer

Pick an invention.

First Automated Tea Maker
Disposable Contact Lenses

Pick an invention.

Hearing Aid
Classic Television
Hybrid Cars

Pick an invention.

Electric Toothbrush
Email Icon

Pick an invention.

Electric Guitar

Pick an invention.

Ball Point Pen
Retro Gaming Cnsole
Mobile Broadband

Pick Your Favorite Inventions And We'll Reveal The Generation You Should Time Travel To
Silent Generation

Silent Generation

You like to be in control of what you do and have an inherent skepticism for anything even remotely mechanical.
Baby Boomers

Suno Chanda Old Man

Whoa, you got Baby BOOMER. You're the serious one in the group; the one more dedicated to your responsibilities than any other generation out there.
Generation X

Atiqa Odho

Oh so turns out you got Generation X. You are very creative and the best overall worker, who is committed to finding a work-life balance.
The Millennials

You're an out and out Millennial. You like to live by your own rules and prefer leading rather than following.
Generation Z

Minal khan

You're a digital native with very little patience for anything that doesn't work at the speed of a super computer. Restless and bursting with youthful energy, there are many lessons in calmness that life is yet to teach you.

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